Beyond his immense talent, Auclair was kind, humble, and gracious. In 2008, he launched a non-profit, Alpine Initiatives, that connects the mountain sports community with community service projects worldwide.
— Kelley McMillan, National Geographic

Of the many sustainable projects now supported by Alpine Intiatives, the Kithoka Amani Community Home (KACH) in Africa was one that JP poured his heart into. Over the last seven years, Alpine Initiatives has gathered financial support from the snow sports community and has worked hand in hand with International Peace Initiatives and the local community in Africa to build the kitchen, dining hall and surrounding gardens for KACH. Twenty kids now have a safe, loving and nurturing home to call their own. 

With the continued work of AI and IPI the foundation has also been laid to ensure a sustainable future for the home, including rainwater catchments, solar thermal, and drip systems for the gardens. More than four acres of land have been transformed into edible gardens for KACH. These gardens not only provide food for the kids, but the sale of excess crops helps subsidize the operating costs of the home. The project has created a local network of more than 100 farmers, who share traditional practices and implement bio intensive and organic gardens.

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